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Europäischer Fachverband für

Luftreinhaltung & Entstaubungstechnik e.V.

Mackstraße 18 | DE-88348 Bad Saulgau


Vereinregister VR 560537, Amtsgericht Ulm

President: Andre Schulte-Südhoff,

Bad Laer (Germany)

Vice-President: Pierre Phillippe Nangniot,

Bierges (Belgium)

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Future Forum Air

on 14th June, 2018

~Together against dangerous dusts in production and buildings~



Did you know that...


...around one in eight employees is often exposed to dust, gases or vapors during work?


...results of the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and Dust-Related Respiratory Diseases show, that every year around 6,000 cases are recognized as occupational diseases?



That is why...


...the aim of the European Association for Clean Air and Dust Extraction Technology (EACADES, e.V.) is to connect experts and research institutions in the field of dust extraction and air purification.



Our mission:


Pooling resources, bringing together experts and giving more publicity to the topic of "breathing air in businesses and public institutions"


Know more about our event!


Dust is a real and often underestimated problem. But in public and in the media, this often "invisible" cause of disease has not yet received the attention it needs to bring together the necessary capacities to find solutions.


On the occasion of "Future Forum Air" practitioner of many companies, medicians and scientists united to discuss the topic of air pollution and to search togehter for possible solutions.


Important topics will be the frequently discussed particulate matter pollution in big cities, dust loading in productions, the problem of poor quality of air in buildings and much more.



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Future Forum Air 2018



14th of June 2018



Center of Environment & Communication

of the German Environment Foundation GmbH

An der Bornau 2, 49090 Osnabrück


Admission: ab 09:15 Uhr

Begin: 10:00 Uhr

End: ca. 15:00 Uhr